How we work

How we work

We work to translate global health initiatives into regional plans that respond to the specific needs and challenges of countries in the Region. 

Under the leadership of our Regional Director, the Divisions of Programme Management and Administration and Finance help countries develop WHO country cooperation strategies, support 15 country offices in the Region, and coordinate the Organization’s work with other United Nations agencies and global health initiatives.

Our office also coordinates governing body meetings, including the Regional Committee and the Region’s participation in the Executive Board and World Health Assembly.

Our main areas of work are communicable diseases, health security and emergencies, noncommunicable diseases and health through the life-course, and health sector development.


Disease Control

In the Division of Programmes for Disease Control, we are working to reduce the number of new infections and efficiently treat people currently infected by a communicable disease, or affected by a Non-Communicable Disease.

Health Systems and Services

Universal health coverage (UHC), based on strong health systems, is the best way to ensure all people can access quality health services, where and when they need them, without financial hardship. The Division of Health Systems and Services supports countries on their path to UHC.

Health Security and Emergencies

When the Region faces health threats from disease outbreaks, natural disasters and conflicts, our Division of Health Security and Emergencies faces them head on. Working with countries and partners, we’re committed to saving lives and protecting health in all situations.

Healthy Environments and Populations

We work closely with Member States to address the social, environmental and commercial determinants of health, including gender by supporting tobacco and alcohol control, health promotion and healthy diet as well as addressing climate change and the environment; aiming to create healthy environments for all communities.

Pacific Technical Support

In the Pacific, we are working to reduce deaths from NCDs, communicable diseases such as hepatitis, and tropical diseases such as lymphatic filariasis. We are also working to protect the island countries from the health impacts of climate change and rising sea levels.

Leadership, Coordination and Support

The Office of the Regional Director, the Division of Programme Management and the Division of Administration and Finance provide leadership and oversight of WHO work in the Western Pacific Region. Working in close collaboration, these three branches of management coordinate the work of technical programmes, country support, partner and donor relations, administrative and financial support, and communications.

Data, Strategy and Innovation

We focus on innovation, data, backcasting and strategic engagement with countries on health systems transformation. We coordinate strategic and technical support to countries to drive improvements in systems and achieve Universal Health Coverage.

The Regional Director

The Regional Director