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Zika virus and complications: 2016 Public Health Emergency of International Concern

Launch of Zika podcast series

27 March 2017 - WHO launches the first podcast episode in a series of 5, called Evidence in action, that focus on Zika virus infection. WHO’s experience over 2016 has shown that Zika virus and the associated neurological complications represent a long-term public health challenge. These episodes range from tracing the disease to the long term management of Zika virus syndrome.


Zika virus country classification scheme

10 March 2017 -- The updated guidance on Zika country classification can help public health authorities and policy-makers to assess the risk of Zika virus infection according to place and time of transmission and the location of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which carry the virus. This information will enable countries to guide their surveillance, preparedness and response activities.

Zika: Then, now and tomorrow

6 February 2017 -- WHO and PAHO staff around the world tell their stories about preparing for and managing the Zika virus in their own region and how the response will be handled moving forward.


Zika: We must be ready for the long haul

2 February 2017 - "We are now in the long haul and we are all in this together," said Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO. "WHO's strategic planning and commitment to work with partners for sustained interventions and research should go a long way towards bracing the world for this challenging – and still heart-breaking – effort."

Kids hold signs about how to get rid of mosquitoes to inform their community

WHO response to Zika virus

12 January 2017 -- WHO looks back on its key activities for the Zika response, as it refocuses priorities for the long-term management of the disease. Support from donors is crucial to continue to invest in research and development to foster a better understanding of Zika virus, and how we can prevent and treat the adverse health outcomes associated with it.

A woman and a man examine a bucket used to breed mosquitoes.

Can bacteria stop the spread of dengue and Zika?

December 2016 - Mosquitoes kill an estimated 700 000 people a year. If infected with viruses that cause diseases like chikungunya, dengue and Zika, mosquitos can transmit them to humans in one bite. Researchers have now pilot-deployed a new technique to control diseases transmitted by mosquitoes by making use of nature.


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Long term commitment

18 Nov 2016WHO commits to long-term response to Zika as ‘public health emergency’ is lifted.

Statement from the Zika Emergency Committee

Situation report

84 countries84 countries, territories or subnational areas with evidence of vector-borne Zika virus transmission

Situation report

Global response

60 partnersMore than 60 global and local partners are participating in the Zika virus response.

Strategic Response Plan

Research and development

Zika virus quiz

Quiz on Zika virus

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