Disability and rehabilitation

The disability and rehabilitation unit supports Member States in improving rehabilitation within their country contexts and in enabling all people with a disability to achieve better health. The unit also supports in eye and ear health care.

About disability and rehabilitation

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Rehabilitation needed by every two out of three COVID-19 patients recovering from intensive care – The story of Samantha

Samantha delivers rehabilitation to individuals that experienced injury, surgery, illness, or a fall. Many of Samantha’s current patients are recovering from COVID-19.

COVID-19 outbreak

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Inclusive universal health coverage

We need all components of health care to make universal health coverage possible.

Data and statistics on rehabilitation

• 74% of years lived with disability (YLDs) in the world are the result of health conditions for which rehabilitation may be beneficial.

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Data and statistics on disability

• Over 1 billion people are estimated to live with some form of disability. This corresponds to about 15% of the world's population.

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Better health for people with disabilities

People with disabilities often do not receive needed health care

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