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Vendor registration

All WHO suppliers must abide by the UN Supplier Code of Conduct and comply with WHO General Terms & Conditions.

Mobile laboratory in Guekedou, where laboratory personnel inactivates Ebola virus to analyse the samples
WHO/Stéphane Saporito

WHO issues tenders to their pre-qualified vendors for goods and services but occasionally publishes some of its procurement opportunities directly on United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) and its Procurement website under tender alerts.

WHO also participates in the United Nations Global Marketplace, the common procurement portal of the United Nations. UNGM acts as a single window through which potential suppliers may register to access a global market of over $15 billion annually across UN organizations. It allows suppliers to keep current business information available to all UN Organizations as a tool for locating potential suppliers. It also provides online access to all tender opportunities and contract awards published by many UN agencies.

In WHO new suppliers can register their business through In Tend which is WHO electronic tendering portal. For registration you can visit following link to access (In- Tend) supplier portal where you can also find step by step supplier guide to the WHO Electronic Tendering Portal;

Regional or local suppliers who wish to register can contact respective WHO Regional and Country Offices.