Guidance on COVID-19 for the care of older people and people living in long-term care facilities, other non-acute care facilities and home care


In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, this guidance provides information on infection and prevention control (‎IPC)‎, community preparedness, selfcare for wellbeing, and preparation for the "new normal". This guidance is for older people, their friends and families, caregivers, healthcare providers, long-term care (‎LTC)‎ providers and community/regional/national leaders. A facility where older people receive care (‎including LTC facilities, non-acute care facilities, home care services, etc.)‎ should practice IPC and prevent social isolation of older people. Communities should continue to provide integrated care to support older people. Regional and national leaders should strengthen their efforts in the "new normal" for older people by promoting self-care, use of IT, community-based care and age-friendly environment. These will create the foundation for "new future", beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, where communities recognize people's health as an integral infrastructure, and are supporting older people to stay healthy, thrive, and age-in-place.
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WHO Reference Number: WPR/DSE/2020/015